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Creating awareness for an important

topic in a playful way.


Do you love adventure? Want to save endangered monkeys? Join us in the jungle and experience the true story of the DOUCs! This entertaining and unusual trick-tacking game relies on strategy and a little luck. 

2-6 players take turns being good rangers, nasty poachers or curious tourists. Each has different player abilities and pursues their own goals. Whoever has the fewest lost DOUCs at the end wins the game. 

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Work with your friends to save endangered monkeys together! Form a Ranger team and join us in the Jungle to experience the true story of the DOUCs in a cooperative game for the whole family. 

With communication and a little luck, players will work together to find dangerous traps, while trying to ensure that no DOUCs can be caught.

Experience species protection in a playful way. Perfect for young Children.

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