In 2016, after the first part of my studies, I was lucky going on the trip of a lifetime for 6 months. In the beginning, I traveled from Europe to East Asia on the Trans-Siberian Railway through the endless expanses of the Russian Taiga and the Gobi Desert. Since I didn't speak Russian, Mongolian or Chinese, I learned card games to prepare for the trip. On the days-long train rides,
I connected with people and learned about their culture through gaming.

Playing games integrated me and made me a part of their community. On my trip I learned more games and through that I met people from all parts of the world. This trip showed me how gaming can connect people from all cultures, even if they don't speak the same language.

Throughout the trip I saw a lot of beautiful wildlife. However, I was not aware that so many species are endangered. While one day of my trip I stood in a jungle full of monkeys my idea was born…… my own card game about an endangered monkey species.

Back in Germany, studying was again a priority and the actual "game creation" started in 2018 on a trip through North Africa. Thinking of my idea again, I sketched a first instruction on my plane ticket. Still in Africa, I bought some playing cards and started testing my idea. Over the next 2 years, I worked on the game sometimes more and sometimes less. When the pandemic surprised us in 2020, I suddenly had a lot of freetime. During the first few weeks in lockdown, I started planning and did some research. The first time I saw the red-shanked DOUC langur he fascinated me and I dedicated the game to him. I worked with a designer friend on the layout and persuaded my girlfriend to play one or rather three practice rounds with me every night.

Since then, I have tested and improved the game with many board game enthusiasts. The design has evolved and the fourth prototype is ready…..