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The red-shanked DOUC Langur is struggling to survive and is listed as "Critically Endangered" on the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List. It is found in only 3 countries in the world: Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. 

It is not known how many DOUCs are left, but it is estimated that the population has decreased by at least 70% in the last 3 decades and there are only a few thousand animals left. 


DOUCs are one of the most beautiful animals in the world not only because of their extraordinary colors. The light blue eyelids and fine facial features are unique. 


They have been under great threat for many years. Poachers set traps and snares and sometimes mothers are shot to catch the little DOUCs. Because of their unique beauty, the pet trade in them is a lucrative business. 


DOUCs are also hunted for food and for the production of traditional medicine. They are also losing more and more of their habitat. Due to e.g. road construction, tourism, agricultural plantations and illegal logging, the forests that are important for them are getting smaller and smaller. 


DOUCs are very selective in their diet and prefer to eat leaves etc. They live in communities in the treetops of forests. In the past, they lived in large groups of up to 50 animals. The effects of hunting and habitat loss are severe, and it is difficult to find groups of more than 30 DOUCS today; many groups number only 4 to 6 animals. It also happens that monkeys are expelled from their group and have to live alone. This all complicates their reproduction to a significant degree.

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DOUC IN DANGER tells the story of the endangered DOUCs, depicts its habitat as well as the dangers they are exposed to. We want to use the game to educate and draw attention to the situation of the DOUCs.

all pictures shown above were made by our friend bui van tuan from vietnam

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