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This year we traveled through Vietnam for almost a month and learned a lot about the DOUCs. We visited aid organizations that are working for the preservation of the endangered species. GreenViet and Little Green Guards are projects we support with our game. We visited both projects on site and were able to get a first-hand impression of their incredible work.

Little Green Guards is the flagship children’s education program of LVDI International, a US-based nonprofit conservation organization whose global mission is to inspire and empower people to protect nature.

For more information, please visit

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LVDI-LGG logos.png

GreenViet does a lot of educational work, including raising awareness among the population for the

conservation of biodiversity. They run a nature education center in Da Nang and work on numerous conservation and research projects.

Further information under:

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We collected over 1000€ in donations for the DOUCs at Essen SPIEL 22! 

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